NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to positively impact patients with cancer and other diseases worldwide, by improving the safety and efficacy of existing pharmaceutical products. As a result, the company developed a drug delivery system which takes approved cancer drugs, and reformulates them into new drug products by using a proprietary, tumor-targeting antibody called an immunoliposome. The immunoliposome can be integrated into many different drug delivery formulations and incorporates a human-derived, anti-nuclear antibody to target necrosis (cell death) occurring from various cancer tumors.

Develop a new, dual purpose website to simultaneously link Nanosmart’s drug delivery technology with its investment opportunities.

Incorporate a multi-dimensional design by inserting emotional and scientific imaging and data. All progress leading to final FDA approvals, new company developments, and news pages were added, with SGW producing all website copy in collaboration with Nanosmart’s science team. SGW also created various print ads which were posted in its affiliate publication, Drug Development & Delivery, while also designing promotional trade show panels.

The website met all objectives while also winning gold Aster, and AVA awards for best website.